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Corn Bread

Buttermilk corn bread, fetta, rosemary & olive oil



Confit Garlic Bread

3 pieces of grilled ciabatta with a garlic infused oil & whole confit garlic


Warm Olives

Warm mixed marinated olives




Bocconcini with fresh tomato, basil and oregano, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic.




Marinated olives, corn bread, grilled chorizo, bresaola wagyu, prosciutto, pancetta, seared wagyu rump, smoked salmon, grilled pitta bread, hummus, olive tapenade & marinated fetta



Barramundi fish balls, whitebait, grilled king prawns, grilled Australian bug, natural oysters, Kilpatrick oysters, pickled octopus, smoked salmon, chilli mussels, salt & pepper squid with condiments



Half marinated chicken in chimichurri, chevapchichis, 300g Wagyu rump, chorizo sausages, blistered truss tomato’s, grilled corn, red wine jus, bowl of roasted rosemary chat potato’s



Oysters Natural

Served with lemon wedges

½ doz $17        1 doz $28

Oysters Kilpatrick

Chef made Kilpatrick sauce with succulent bacon

½ doz $22        1 doz $34


Oysters with Vodka

Succulent oyster in a Vodka shot with lime and mint

$8 each

Fresh Bruschetta

Danish fetta, fresh tomato, Spanish onion, basil & balsamic reduction



Arancini Balls

Swiss brown mushrooms, fetta, & herbs served with a black aioli



Australian Bugs

Bugs with melted chilli lime butter served with lime wedge


Baked Camembert Cheese

Infused with garlic, rosemary, black pepper served with fresh pita & grissini



El Carbon Baby Barramundi

Charcoal cooked baby barramundi marinated in garlic & herbs served on terracotta with truss tomato’s, chat potato’s and lemon


Atlantic Salmon

Crispy skin served with sautéed greens in garlic & chilli




Rolled marinated pork belly sliced & served with roasted potato’s and drizzled with red wine jus (GF)



Baby Squid

Salt & pepper baby squid lightly fried and served with crispy chips and aioli



Chicken Salad

Chicken thigh cooked over the charcoal with avocado, Spanish onion, grilled corn, crispy cos lettuce in a green goddess sauce



300g Scotch Fillet

Pasture raised scotch fillet served with roasted chat potato’s and your choice of mushroom sauce or red wine jus




Wagyu Rump

Marble score of 6x this succulent wagyu rump is served with roasted chat potato’s and your choice of mushroom sauce or red wine jus



400g Ribeye

Juicy ribeye served with roasted potato’s and your choice of mushroom sauce or red wine jus




The Tomahawk Steak

1.3kgs of steak cooked on our charcoal oven to your liking served sliced with smoked salt, olive oil, roasted potato’s, Greek salad & your choice of mushroom sauce and red wine jus



Greek Salad


Garden Salad


Crispy Thick Cut Chips


Roasted Seasonal Vegetables


Roasted Potato’s with Rosemary Salt


Blistered Truss Tomato’s with olive oil



Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta

Served with berry coulis and praline




Nutella Pizza

Served with marshmallows, mint and cherry ice cream




Cinnamon Churros

Crunchy churros served with salted caramel sauce and vanilla bean ice cream